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Inventor 2011 Advanced Part Modeling

Total number of pages: 516
Total Hours: 16

Autodesk Inventor 2011 Advanced Part Modeling is the second in a series of courses on Inventor from ASCENT. The goal of this training guide is to build on the skills acquired in the Inventor Introduction to Solid Modeling course by taking students to a higher level of productivity when designing part models in Inventor. In addition, students will learn about various drawing tools.

In this guide, we consider various approaches to part design and emphasize useful strategies. Specific advanced part modeling techniques covered include multi-body design, advanced lofts, advanced sweeps, coils, and surface modeling.

Additional material aimed at increasing efficiency is also included: iFeatures for frequently needed design elements, iParts for similar designs, iLogic for automating part designs, translation options for importing data, and the Engineer’s Notebook for communication. The course also covers some miscellaneous drawing tools such as custom sketches symbols, working with title blocks and borders, and documenting iParts. With an understanding of these tools, students can begin to streamline the design and documentation process.

Topics include:

•  Advanced model appearance options
•  Multi-body part modeling
•  2D and 3D sketching techniques
•  Advanced geometry creation tools (work features, area lofts, sweeps, coils)
•  Part creation using iLogic
•  Analysis tools
•  Creating and editing basic surfaces
•  Importing surfaces and surface repair tools
•  Using iFeatures and iParts to work efficiently with part models
•  Advanced Drawing tools (tables for iParts, surfaces in drawing views, and custom sketched symbols)
•  Importing and exporting data
•  Adding notes with the Engineer’s Notebook

Prerequisites: The class assumes a mastery of Inventor basics as taught in Inventor Introduction to Solid Modeling. Students should know how to create and edit parts, use work features, and create and annotate drawing views, etc.


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