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Autodesk Vault Basic 2013 Essentials

Total number of pages: 464
Total Hours: 24

The class files for this training guide were released on May 31, 2012 (part number AS-AVLT13ESS-10-CF.exe). Please refer to the link in your training guide to download the latest class files.

This training guide is intended for users and CAD administrators who need to access their design files from Autodesk® Vault Basic. It focuses on capabilities for managing design files and related documentation. Hands-on exercises are included to reinforce how to manage the design workflow process using Autodesk® Vault Basic. Students are taught how to locate, view, modify, create, copy, and re-use files.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Autodesk Vault features
  • Basic Vault tasks
  • Working with Vault and Autodesk® Inventor®
  • Working with Vault and AutoCAD®
  • Working with Vault and AutoCAD® Electrical
  • Working with Vault and AutoCAD® Mechanical
  • Working with Vault and AutoCAD® Civil 3D®
  • Common Vault tasks
  • Organizing and populating a Vault
  • Managing Vault

Prerequisites: It is highly recommended that students have a good working knowledge of Autodesk CAD programs.

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