Purchasing Options: Buy Online from ASCENT or Amazon

Did You Know? Many of ASCENT’s training guides are available for purchase on Amazon.com which means you now have the option of purchasing your training materials through ASCENT’s online eStore, or directly from Amazon. Each store has its own benefits – it’s up to you how you’re going to buy!

Have a look at our comparison chart to see the different features available from each store. One of the biggest differences between the 2 online retailers is the format and sizing of the printed guides you’ll receive after ordering. If you prefer the spiral binding on ASCENT books, then the ASCENT eStore is for you. If book size is important and you’d prefer a smaller format of your training guide, then perhaps you’d like to try ordering from Amazon.

In either case, you’re getting the same great content!

  Features   ASCENT eStore Amazon Store
  Orders fulfilled and shipped by ASCENT's printer and distributor, Gilmore Global    
  Volume discounts available    
  Valid promo codes accepted    
  All formats of courseware available for purchase (Print, eBook, Video- Enhanced eBook, Instructor Tools)    
  Spiral binding, 8.5 inch x 11 inch size for printed books within N. America    
  Spiral binding, 8.5 inch x 7 inch size for printed books outside N. America    
  Autodesk and PTC book titles available  
  URL for Class Files download  
  Training Materials available in print format  
  Orders fulfilled and shipped via Amazon    
  Perfect binding, 7.5 inch x 9.2 inch size for printed books    
  Free Shipping (on eligible orders)    
  Discounted pricing*