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ENOVIA V5-6R2017: DMU Fitting Simulator

Total number of pages: 138
Total Hours: 8

The ENOVIA V5-6R2017: DMU Fitting Simulator learning guide enables you to simulate the assembly and dis-assembly of components. These simulations are analyzed for clash and minimum distances to determine whether the assembly process is realistic. Also, swept volumes are developed to visualize clash conditions. Finally, the path finder tool is used to modify a track to avoid a clash condition.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to the DMU Fitting workbench.
  • Creating a shuttle.
  • Creating a track and modifying track operators.
  • Generating a sequence.
  • Creating a replay and video.
  • Creating a swept volume.
  • Using Space Analysis tools such as clash and distance and band analysis.
  • Using the path finder to optimize a track.    

• CATIA V5-6 R2017: Introduction to Modeling, or
• CATIA V5-6 R2017: Introduction for Managers & Reviewers, or
• ENOVIA V5-6 R2017: DMU Navigator and Space Analysis

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