Autodesk InfraWorks 2022: Fundamentals

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InfraWorks 2022: Fundamentals

The Autodesk® InfraWorks® 2022: Fundamentals guide is designed for people using either of the following software packages:
- Autodesk® InfraWorks®
- Autodesk® Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection

The guide provides you with a fundamental knowledge of the accelerated design process that uses data-rich 3D models with high-end visualizations. This enables you to create, evaluate, and better communicate 3D site plan proposals for faster approvals.

PLEASE NOTE: For the printed version, this learning guide is printed in grayscale. Due to the nature of InfraWorks' dark interface, the figures in this learning guide may be darker and lose some detail in the print version. For color images, please purchase the eBook version of this learning guide.

Topics Covered

Roadway Design:

  • Create property boundaries for parcels, easements, and right of ways
  • Create and modify design roads with precise parameters
  • Add components and decorations to roads
  • Adjust roadside grading
  • Apply and review superelevations in component roads
  • Modify how design roads intersect using a standard intersection or roundabout
  • Optimize the vertical design of a roadway
  • Create gradient maps based on selected feature sets to identify areas with low impact for site or corridor optimization
  • Find an optimal horizontal design of the roadway which yields a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution
  • Run traffic simulations to analyze and animate design traffic

    Bridge Design:
  • Add bridges to a design roadway
  • Work with bridge deck and girder cross sections
  • Perform analysis and design checks on all the pre-stressed girders of your bridge

    Drainage Design:
  • Run a watershed analysis
  • Create or modify culverts
  • Create a pavement drainage network
  • Analyze the pavement drainage network

    Point Cloud Modeling:
  • Preparing the point cloud
  • Create a terrain from a point cloud
  • Create features from a point cloud


  • Access to the 2022.1 version of the software, to ensure compatibility with this guide. Future software updates that are released by Autodesk may include changes that are not reflected in this guide. The practices and files included with this guide are not compatible with prior versions (e.g., 2022.0, 2021).

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  • Software TitleAutodesk InfraWorks
  • Software Version2022
  • Training TypesLearning Guide
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  • Total Number of Pages:692
  • Total Hours:24
  • Autodesk Authorized PublisherYes