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What is RSS?
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, a technology standard that provides an alternate method for receiving web content. It is especially useful if you visit many websites on a regular basis to check for new content, news, and information. Provided these sites deliver information via RSS, you can "subscribe" to their feeds and receive all the new content in one place.

How to Subscribe

ASCENT provides RSS feeds providing notification of news, events, blog updates, and new content from our website. To subscribe, click the RSS feed button for the appropriate feed.

After clicking the button, several of the latest browser versions will recognize the RSS feed format and display a page that makes it easy for you to subscribe using the method of your choice. If your browser doesn't currently support RSS, you will need to manually subscribe to the feed.

To manually subscribe, you’ll need the website address (URL) of the RSS feed. Simply copy and paste this link from your browser's address bar into your reader or aggregator. You can also copy the URL by right clicking on the RSS feed button and select Copy Shortcut or Copy Link Location.

Need an RSS Reader/Aggregator?
Here is a list of RSS Readers that have been tested and used by employees of ASCENT:
Contact us, we would be glad to help you set up and start using RSS.