Courseware Development

ASCENT offers the following Instructional Design and Courseware Development services:


Classroom Training Curriculum: Student Guides and Instructor Tools

ASCENT's training curriculum provides the foundation for a complete learning program. We believe that a hands-on, project-based training session led by a knowledgeable instructor provides an unequalled learning experience. Our classroom training curriculum is developed by our team of engineers, instructional designers, and technical writers, who engage students in a discovery process that ensures knowledge transfer and maximizes knowledge retention.

Web-Based Training Curriculum: LIVE Online Learning

Our Web-based training (Learning in a Virtual Environment), is designed to be delivered through online meeting tools enabling students to interact with an instructor who facilitates, instructs, and demonstrates the lesson and can also answer questions and supply feedback in real time. Students view, on their own desktop, demonstrations that the instructor is executing from their desktop while following the instruction. Students can also view lesson notes and slides that facilitate the instruction.

Assessment Tools: User Quizzes and User Knowledge Profiles

No matter how well a training course is designed and delivered, it is difficult to retain 100% of the knowledge. At ASCENT we believe that re-training is not the answer; rather the answer lies in identifying areas where additional, targeted training will assist the student. ASCENT's assessment tools are specifically designed to provide feedback to the student to help identify knowledge and skills that have not been retained. Focusing on remedial training on only these areas results in a significant time-savings as well as complete learning for the student.