Technical Documentation Services

Organizations that use clear and focused content benefit from increased productivity and user satisfaction.

To help in developing clear and focused content, ASCENT offers these services:

  • Customization of Standard Learning Content
  • Content Development
  • Technical Editing


Customization of Standard Learning Content
Our standard CAD courseware can be tailored to deliver specific learning content that your teams need for improving their software skills. Choose the type of customization best suited to your teams' learning needs:

  • Topic: Select only the relevant topics to include in your learning materials
  • Practice: Incorporate your models into the practice exercises
  • Workflow: Your proprietary workflows weaved directly into the content
  • Unique: Learning content created from scratch for your specific audience


Content Development
Our subject matter experts and technical writers can work with your experts to design and develop custom content for user documentation, interactive tutorials, online-help, intelligent PDFs, online learning courses, company standards, newsletters, process documentation, and more.

Technical Editing
The supporting documentation for your product/service needs to clearly convey specifications, installation procedures, user instructions, and other information critical to its proper use. With editorial and instructional design capabilities that go beyond our CAD learning materials, ASCENT technical editors can update and refine your technical communications including online help documentation, quick reference guides, API documentation, standard operating procedures, and more.



ASCENT's Professional Services Video
Professional Services Overview
Duration: 2mins 34sec

See how ASCENT helps organizations communicate complex information: through the development of customized learning guides, through technical editing services, and through documentation creation services.



Customized Learning Solutions for Duke Energy's Substation Design TeamsCase Study
Customized Learning Solutions for Duke Energy's Substation Design Teams

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ASCENT Creates User-Friendly Manuals for New Machine Operators

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